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Robocloud offers a digital workforce, available 24/7, 365 days a year to automate your manual business processes. Utilising cloud-based software robots our intelligent automation service can tackle just about any manual process. Increase your business productivity today, allow our digital team to complete the tasks that nobody else wants to do.

Demo - Automated Credit Check

Watch our robots in action performing an automated credit check. Save valuable time for your team and ensure your credit checks are done each and every time for new clients or suppliers.

Save Time On Employee On-boarding

Robotic process automation (RPA) software can be integrated into HR on-boarding processes easily. For further details about our automated employee services get in touch with us today!

Automated Accounts Statement Reconciliaton

Allow our digital workforce to automate your monthly accounts statement reconciliation processes and save valuable time. Our robots can perform two way matching of the ledger and statements to automatically validate your data.

Data extraction, transformation and entry

Do you have a team of people sat processing repetitive spreadsheet information, or a requirement to augment your systems with additional data from one or more sources, e.g. Companies House information?  If so, Robocloud’s data entry solutions can save you valuable resource time or simply enrich information to allow you to make better decisions, faster.

Software robots can help where you have a need to gather data from any source, or reformat data based on a set of logic rules.  For instance, taking information from an excel spreadsheet and entering it into an electronic system; or looking up data from a website and entering it into an excel sheet or CRM platform.  Often used as a tool in complex data migration projects.

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System integration without the hassle

Often, patching connections between systems is expensive and labour intensive – licenses, development and testing time are typically needed, and especially when changes need to be made to adapt to changing business requirements after the first project.  With an RPA solution, Cleardata can integrate almost any system quickly and without the need for costly APIs or development.

Be it web applications, legacy windows applications or even green-screen platforms, Cleardata can provide you with a way to integrate internal and external applications in a low-code solution that allows rapid deployment and easy updates without having to re-think your entire applications architecture or introduce potentially high-risk replacement projects.

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Automate workflow tasks 24/7 with an RPA Solution

Most businesses have processes – that is, you need to do something at a certain time or after a particular event.  RPA can automate actions based on these conditions, so your staff aren’t sat waiting for notifications or checking shared inboxes periodically.

Automation of tasks not only gives you the opportunity to use your workforce’s time better, but also to enrich current processes – for instance, when an sales opportunity is won post an announcement on your company intranet, or send out an information pack thanking the customer for their business and letting them know what the next steps are – or both!

This type of activity is at the core of why we use software robots – you don’t need to wait for someone to pick an activity up, or put it into a Work-In-Progress sheet, it just happens automatically.  Implemented across your business processes, this also enables scale in your business without having to increase headcount; and remember – the software works 24/7 so will give you an immediate uplift in capacity.

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Validate, verify and comply

Use validation and verification to substantiate the accuracy of financial transactions or authorisations – this could be by cross-checking it with a 3rd party system or, when information is available to give a high confidence level, to replace the human ‘sanity check’.  Typical examples where this is used could be to check payment allocation suggestions, or to validate customer or supplier application forms through checking third party services or current status on existing ERP systems.

Software robots will eliminate any human errors in the processing of information.  They can also help support compliance with your procedures ensuring the same process is followed, every time and where there’s an issue – for instance with an input value that doesn’t seem correct – they can flag it for a human to double check meaning you’re managing exceptions not everything that comes through.

Cleardata can also help you to introduce more intelligence into your processes, for instance automatically reviewing contracts for specific clauses that need to be flagged as risks, or periodically reviewing internal systems’ data to make sure customers data is accurate and complete.

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RPA Business Benefits...

Improve Productivity Slice_1

Our digital workforce can perform manual tasks in a fraction of the time it takes a person to complete.  They work around the clock, providing data for your team to action. Increase productivity for your skilled workforce and improve your bottom line.

Increase Employee Satisfaction Slice_2

Lots of information and data to validate and process?  Our robots don’t mind. They’ll complete the boring manual data tasks that nobody else wants to do. Allow your workforce to focus on more skilled activities, increasing employee satisfaction and freeing up time.

Improve Accuracy Slice_3

Our digital workforce will complete your data tasks in a logical, consistent manner. Reduce human error and see an improvement in your data accuracy.  Cleardata’s team can provide a full audit trail for our robot workers.

Better Reporting Slice_4

Our robots can gather data quickly from multiple business systems, allowing you to have a dashboard showing real-time information in one place. Improve the visibility of your business reporting and make data-driven decisions.

Flexible, Scalable Workforce Slice_5

Our digital workforce can be accessed to suit your business needs, we can scale the team up or down to suit the peaks and troughs in your work. RPA as a service is accessible via a simple, monthly subscription and can be used as and when required.

Save Time & Money

By streamlining timely business processes, you can significantly cut costs, reduce wasted staff time and improve productivity. Find out how we saved 62 hours per week for fee earning staff at a UK Claims Management Company in our RPA Legal Case Study.

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A new way of doing

Sick of time-consuming, expensive IT and business change projects?  RPA on demand from Robocloud is a new way of approaching business change – low cost, pay as you use, and quick to implement and iterate it’s a fantastic, low-impact way of driving digital and operational transformation in your business.

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