RPA Services – Recruitment & Employee Onboarding Case Study


Positively Different Solutions (PDS) is a recruitment consultancy based in Cheshire specialising in hiring digital, professional and industrial staff.

Automated Recruitment and Employee Onboarding using RPA

The new start-up company wanted to manage their business digitally from the get go, with automated processes for compliance of candidate documents, time sheets and terms of business.

As a small business they were challenged with resources, so the option of using a digital workforce to perform basic manual tasks, at a low cost, was appealing.

About Robocloud:-

Cleardata’s Robocloud RPA Services offers a workforce of cloud-based software robots, which can be hired to perform a range of automated HR and recruitment tasks.

The RPA service enables companies to hire a  robot on a flexible basis, from as little as 2 hours per week.

The robots work 24/7, don’t take breaks or holidays.  They are a low cost resource who can perform tasks quickly, in a fraction of the time it takes a person to do.

Our robots can transform many different types of manual recruitment and employee onboarding processes.

What does the digital workforce do

  • Automate ingestion of client applications through job portals into Positively Different’s CRM platform.
  • Set up a candidate on-boarding workflow to automatically interact with the candidate and ensure all paperwork, proof and compliance points are completed.
  • Automate customer on-boarding including credit checking, creation of customer in the finance system, customising and sending terms of business, chasing for no-replies and storing to PDS systems.
  • For temporary work placements monitor a PDS email inbox to pick up worker timesheets, extract and validate the information, transform it into a pro-forma template and send it to the settlement firm.
  • Integrated all automation solutions seamlessly with existing online portals and internal processes and systems.
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Client Feedback

Having worked in recruitment, HR and training for over ten years I’ve seen all kinds of systems, CRMs and cobbled-together ways of managing data. When setting up a new recruitment business, we approached Robocloud with an idea that would allow us to manage and automate not only our compliance of candidate documents, but also the automation of terms of business and how our time sheets are sent, checked and processed. 

This has saved hours of monotonous chasing, checking and admin which has meant increased efficiency, but most importantly allowed the business to focus on our growth and sales.

The beauty of the system is that instead of spending time and money developing an expensive CRM that gets more complex and harder to change over time, we now have a flexible system that we can add to when we have new ideas or processes change through quick, iterative collaboration with the team at Robocloud.  This, in turn, means that we can grow efficiently without proportionately increasing headcount, a real advantage for a service-based business.

Positively Different Solutions is all about embracing new ways of doing business and offering different solutions and Robocloud go hand in hand with that ethos!”


Save Time

Recruitment Consultants save time on administration and chasing candidates

Faster Processing

Fast onboarding of candidates

Increased Compliance

Candidate documents are checked for compliance e.g. right to work

Business Growth

Team able to focus on business growth and sales