E-Commerce retail

Streamline retail and e-commerce processes

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest B2B and retail companies to reduce cost, increase accuracy and speed up processes.`

We can provide process automation solutions for:

Document exchange

Using a combination of the products in the Cleardata suite, we’ve helped organisations more effectively route inbound documents and information meaning big increases in customer service levels, and decreasing risk of documents going missing or sitting in ‘in-trays’ to wait for someone to deal with them.

Systems integration

Our customers have had great results when we’ve helped them link stock, PO platforms and ERP solutions – all without IT development.

Retail stock management

Accurately monitor stock levels and review future replenishment orders using data stored digitally.

Price catalogue management

Use our automated solutions to help maintain price catalogues across multiple supplier and customer relationships, regardless of scale – reducing the need for a team of staff to perform it whilst massively increasing accuracy.