Improving efficiency in finance operations

Through pre-packaged robotic process automation

47% of AP Professionals consider manual data entry and inefficient processes their biggest challenge 

Finance Administrators and Accounts Payable Clerks are often faced with manual finance tasks such as copy and paste activities between internal and external systems e.g. Excel and Sage.  These repetitive tasks often require logins and outs of multiple systems, frequent application window switching and manual re-keying of data, often referred to as “swivel chair” activities.  Imagine an employee reading data off one computer screen and re-keying it on another.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA Finance Processes can significantly reduce manual finance tasks. .

RPA Finance Automation Solutions

Account Reconciliation

The process of statement and account reconciliation can involve a large amount of manual processing to check and compare your organisations accounting records with the transactions in your bank statement. Our robo cloud service provides fully automated account reconciliation using our validation/verification robots.  Our RPA Finance robots can automatically make checks across multiple systems and save your organisation valuable time and money.

Client Onboarding

Getting you clients, customers and suppliers onboard involves many checks. Know your customer checks e.g. Address, Identification, Company Registration, Bank Account Details can all take time. Automate your client onboarding processes using our intelligent Robo Cloud Service. Our robots can perform many simple tasks including external checks, working across multiple systems to provide the information you need to get your clients and suppliers onboard quickly and efficiently.

Month End Processes

Our RoboCloud RPA Finance Service can help perform the legwork to check account and statement transactions to ensure your financial month end processes run smoothly.  Let our robots perform these tedious finance data checking tasks, to allow you to focus your efforts on making any necessary financial adjustments to accounts to correct differing transactions.