Robocloud can transform your manual HR tasks using our digital workforce of cloud-based software robots. The robots can be utilised to perform many HR automation tasks including data validation, data entry, scheduled tasks or system lookups/checks.  This can be used for routine tasks such as recruitment, employee onboarding, right to work checks, training, compliance or contract management.

RPA in HR Processes can transform your day to day tasks.  Our Digital Workers can act as a key member of your team can be hired for as little as 2 hours per week to perform the data processing or validation tasks that nobody else wants to complete. The software robots can perform tasks faster, in a consistent manner. Robocloud’s HR Automation services are charged, via a simple monthly subscription.

What can RPA do for your human resources department?

  • Review and sort incoming emails
  • Identify data based on strings or keywords
  • Identify key dates or deadlines
  • Upload documents to your HR system
  • Send emails and attachments based on data and your rules
  • Perform data entry and validation checks

Watch our video below to find out more about HR automation and automated employee onboarding.

To find out more about our RPA in HR automation services contact our team or call 0800 046 8086 to speak to one of our robotic process automation experts.

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