Increase speed, reduce costs, revolutionise customer satisfaction

With RoboCloud on-demand

RoboCloud are working with organisations in the Legal sector to help transform the way they do business.  Our secure, scalable solutions provide extensibility to your existing solutions, allowing more fee-earning time per person whilst delivering a vastly improved customer experience.

Our capabilities also allow you to reduce risk that exists wherever you have reliance on human operators – either replacing data recognition tasks or acting as validation for case information, we can help you ensure that critical indicators aren’t missed.

Legal sector solutions

System integration

We have packaged solutions to integrate electronic information held elsewhere into ProClaim.

Intelligent form recognition and action

Using a combination of Cleardata’s mail processing and capture capabilities and RoboCloud’s intelligent RPA solution, we can remove delays and obstacles from your inbound communications process.  For example taking paper medical reports and scanning them in Cleardata’s mailroom, intelligently classifying the document type and sending it to our Robocloud capability then allows the software to recognise in context injuries recorded, take the relevant pieces of information and attach them to the appropriate matter in your case management system.


We can quickly deploy efficiency improvements to your conveyancing process which could result in up to 50% decrease in costs, and a corresponding decrease in time – meaning your customers get a better service.

Customer checks

Automate your data gathering activities such as looking up data from other sources (e.g. sanctions lists), AML or HMRC checks.