Robotic Process Automation

Robocloud have a number of packaged RPA solutions that will help you to improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce costs; whilst freeing up employees from repetitive manual tasks.

We deliver robotic process automation using our digital workforce as a managed service, meaning that you don’t have to buy a fleet of software robots with a high entry cost – you just pay for the services and capacity you need, significantly reducing time to ROI and allowing you to start small and then build out.  Our way of delivering these services is also perfect for processes that are time bound or variable in resource requirements, as you benefit from the scale and flexibility of our cloud infrastructure.

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How can Robotic Process Automation improve your business?

Streamline processes

A repetitive, rules-based process can be streamlined and automated, meaning that your staff are free to do more valuable activities and you can prepare for scale without employing more people.

Fast deployment and change

Eradicating the need for paper, all data can be captured and stored digitally for easier access and retrieval.

Workflow visibility

Once RPA is deployed, our toolkit allows you to monitor the process for bottlenecks and give you insight into what’s happening, where and when in order to further improve efficiency or understand where your scale limitations are.

Better customer service

RPA allows you to ensure that customer interactions are fast and automated wherever possible, meaning that you can beat SLAs and improve customer satisfaction or make sure that a scheduled communication is never missed.

Workflow visibility

Monitor the productivity of your workforce and keep track of targets, goals and benchmarks at a touch of a button.